Things You Need To Know Before Joining Affiliate Programs


For those of you who are involved in the world of digital marketing, of course, the term Affiliate or Affiliate is very familiar to your ears. Meanwhile, for those of you who have previously tasted the reseller or drops hipper program, joining the Affiliate program will be an interesting challenge.

The Affiliate Program or what is often known as the affiliate program is an online marketing strategy that involves two parties, namely the product owner and the marketer. Product sellers will give commissions to marketers according to the sales results.

This affiliate program is widely used by bloggers and freelancers. Usually, they will make a separate landing page for the affiliate product they are promoting with a mandatory call to action button.

4 Important Things You Should Know Before Joining the Affiliate Program

Being part of an affiliate program is indeed a fun way to hunt for money from the internet. That said, there are a few things you should consider before deciding to join any affiliate program. Of course, you don't want to get good results after putting in effort and hard work to sell lots of products, right?

By knowing the following things, you can avoid affiliate programs that may not pay the commissions that have been promised to you.

1. Payment Methods

When signing up for an affiliate program, first try to check the payment method support available on the affiliate program network. If you do not find a payment method that allows you to receive payments, then you should not join the affiliate program.

But if you feel really interested in promoting these affiliate products, try contacting their affiliate manager, either via email or via the contact form on the website, and ask if they can make an effort to process your commission payments later.

This is very necessary so that when you have succeeded in collecting hundreds of dollars in commissions, you cannot withdraw the commission due to payment method constraints. It's a shame, isn't it?

Several popular payment methods are used by affiliate companies and you must have before registering for an affiliate program, including:

  • Wire Transfer/Local Bank
  • PayPal
  • Payoneer

2. Know How Much the Minimum Payout

One of the things that often makes novice affiliate marketers give up is the high minimum payout limit. Make sure you know this minimum payout limit from the start and convince yourself that you can catch up with the minimum limit as soon as possible.

What often happens, many marketers feel cheated because they are not aware of the minimum payout limit of the affiliate program they are participating in. Especially for beginners, the minimum payout limit that is too high often feels burdensome. Especially if it is not supported by a good support system and features.

Finally, feeling that their hard work for promotion was in vain, many of them chose to leave the affiliate program with a negative perception.

Make sure the minimum payout limit is rational. Or if you like a challenge and have been in the affiliate world for a long time, and the minimum payout is not a big deal for you, it's not a big problem to continue. Get to know your affiliate program well before you decide to sign up.

3. Product Reputation & Affiliate Network

The reputation of the affiliate product and network is very important for you to know before signing up for an affiliate program. For example, for the Indonesian target market, joining a hosting company's affiliate program will be much more profitable than joining an affiliate promoting premium WordPress themes because Indonesian users prefer free WordPress themes which are actually quite easy to find compared to free hosting services.

The reputation of the hosting company's affiliate program is equally important. You need to make sure that the owner is really proven to be paying his affiliate marketer (not a scam). In fact, there are many SCAM affiliate programs that offer big commissions, but in the end they don't pay your commissions. You can dig up this information from reviews that you can get on marketer forums or other websites.

4. Long Cookies

When you join as an affiliate marketer, one of the profitable reasons is when the affiliate program offers long cookies, usually with a span of 30-90 days. With this long cookie, it will be easier for marketers to sell because most visitors don't buy immediately after they enter a website page. Even more profitable when the affiliate program provides a sales commission even though the customer ends up buying a product other than the one you recommend on the company's website.

Make sure this includes the points that you examine so that you are more flexible in promoting their products. With cookies, your opportunity to sell and increase sales commissions will be even greater.

Latest Affiliate Program Reference

There are many affiliate programs scattered out there. If you have been building your website for a long time and are interested in trying affiliate business, then is one of our recommended affiliate programs. affiliate program is the world's largest CPA-based affiliate program in the Nutra (health & beauty) or health and beauty niche. When joining this affiliate program, webmasters can choose a few products and start advertising them. For every prospect that grows, the affiliate marketer will get a commission that has been set in the affiliate program by the advertiser.

Currently, has provided more than 2400 offers in its affiliate program with 46 beauty and health niches. Interestingly, this affiliate program applies internationally, so webmasters from Indonesia can also join this program.

In matters of payment, Dr. Cash provides convenience in matters of payment. Affiliates can make a minimum payout of $50 for payments via Paypal and Paxum or $1500 for bank transfer payments (if it is less than this nominal there will be a 3% charge of the total payment).

Interested in tasting this affiliate program? You can peek more at  the information by visiting the official website.

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