An Easy Way to Register for TikTok Affiliate Without A Minimum of Followers to Make More Money


TikTok Affiliate is the new favorite for money hunters in the digital marketing world. Not without reason, TikTok Affiliate is currently a new field that is still fresh to cultivate. There is a great opportunity to make more money through TikTok through this affiliate channel. Have you tried it?

Yes, TikTok, which is a popular social media platform for expression, is now increasingly in demand. This social media platform is not only for sharing precious moments but also allows its users to earn money from the internet.

Know What is TikTok Affiliate

TikTok Affiliate is an affiliate program from TikTok that allows creators to earn affiliate commissions from TikTok Shop products. Through this affiliate program, TikTok connects sellers and buyers to benefit both of them.

TikTok Affiliate has the same way of working as affiliate marketing in general. That is, creators register for affiliate programs and sell products from merchants or sellers. The creator will get a commission from this program when a potential buyer purchases through an affiliate link.

Of course, the amount of this commission depends on the agreement between the affiliate and the seller at the TikTok Shop. Each seller can provide a different commission amount from one another.

Terms of Registering for TikTok Affiliate

If you are a content creator and are interested in signing up for this TikTok affiliate program, here are the requirements you need to prepare:

  • Bank account
  • ID card/passport
  • Shipping address
  • Active TikTok Shop Account
  • There is no minimum follower requirement

Many potential creators are hesitant to register for the TikTok affiliate program due to constraints on the number of followers. You don't need to worry, because registering for this program does not require a certain minimum number of followers.

Even so, there are indeed several companies that open up opportunities to become members of the affiliate program by considering the number of creator followers. The consideration of this company is usually as a projection to maximize the market potential that can be obtained.

How to Register for TikTok Affiliate

So, up to this point, you are now ready to move on to the next step: sign up for the TikTok affiliate program. Check out Panda's review below:

1. Register for the TikTok Shop first

The first step to being able to register for a TikTok Affiliate is to register as a TikTok Shop Seller. Here are the steps:

  • Enter the TikTok Seller Center and register.

  • You can choose the registration method by registering as a new account or using an existing account. To register with a new account, fill in each available field according to your cellphone number, email, verification code, and password.
  • Meanwhile, to register with an existing TikTok account, all you have to do is select the Register option with a TikTok account. Proceed with clicking Authorize to authorize TikTok Shop access to your account. 

  • Follow the next instructions until you have successfully entered the TikTok Shop Seller Center dashboard.

2. Document Verification

After successfully logging in to the Seller Center dashboard, the next step is document verification. Here are the steps:

  • On the TikTok Seller Center dashboard, click the Verify Now button in the Set up Your Shop section.
  • Enter seller information by selecting the business type (Individual/Business) and store name.

  • Select the type of identity you use for the verification process, and select KTP or Passport.

  • Upload an ID photo according to the selected ID, and select Submit.
  • Then the TikTok Shop team will verify your registration. You will receive further notification once the verification process is approved.

3. Add Products

After registering as an affiliate through the TikTok Shop, the next step is to add a product first. At least, you have to add one product first so you can move on to the next step.

How to add products to our TikTok Shop? Here are the steps:

  • Open the TikTok application on mobile.
  • Click the Enter button on the shopping cart icon in the TikTok Profile menu
  • Next, you will enter the TikTokShop page.
  • Scroll the screen and select Add Affiliate Product to start adding products.

  • Next, click Add on a product.
  • After that, you will go to the TikTok Affiliate registration page where you need to fill in your first name and last name according to the account name for the commission payment process later. After that, click 'Submit'.

Yeayyy…. You have successfully registered as a TikTok Affiliate. Now you can continue to add other affiliate products.


Affiliate programs are constantly evolving in the digital age. In the past, we only knew affiliate products that were registered and promoted through websites and landing pages. Now there is a lot of content being promoted through social media platforms with more interactive content.

TikTok Affiliate is a new magnet for internet seekers. Through this affiliate program from TikTok, creators can earn affiliate commissions by selling products from sellers in the TikTok Shop.

Of course, for more kick, try to make your content as engaging as possible. Panda's previous article, 15+ TikTok Content Ideas for Online Business Promotion, might be one of your sources of inspiration.

So, are you interested in trying your luck with affiliate cash through TikTok? Good luck!


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