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There are so many benefits that we can get from the internet world, one of which is Youtube. Youtube is a website owned by Google which provides services for uploading various kinds of videos. What's unique about Youtube itself is that anyone can upload videos to Youtube without spending a penny, only needing a Gmail account and their videos can be watched by millions of eyes around the world. In this day and age, who doesn't know Youtube, various kinds of videos about anything must be on Youtube, except for certain videos that are prohibited by Youtube policies, such as videos that contain elements of pornography, demons, massacres, and so on.

Actually, there are quite a lot of websites that are similar to Youtube, but currently, Youtube is more popular all over the world. One website that I know is very similar in popularity to Youtube is LiveLeak, but the difference is that the videos on LiveLeak are usually disturbing, videos that only certain people can watch because the video content is quite gruesome. But on LiveLeak there are also the usual videos, and worth watching for anyone, just a lot more disturbing content in my opinion. By the title of my article above, I want to provide information about some of the benefits of YouTube for the continuation of human life.

1. Recalling Past Memories

Various kinds of videos that are uploaded on Youtube can bring back beautiful memories that you have experienced. For example, if you happen to want to know about movies, music, or shows you watched as a child/long ago, you can find almost everything on Youtube. Of course, this can make us touched and happy after not watching the video for so long, we can imagine how happy we were at that time.

I did not think that the videos that I had watched as a child/in the past-could just watched be-again on Youtube, it is truly a great service for the uploaders/uploaders who had the recordings/even cassettes of these old school videos and shared them with us. The uploaders themselves are actually not only ordinary people like us, several companies that own video recordings also upload just their old-school videos/music to Youtube. 

2. We can make everything ourselves through video tutorials

Having tutorial videos on Youtube can give us knowledge and information about how to make something we want. For example, if you want to make a cat cage, but are confused and don't know how to make one, you just have to open the Youtube website and type keywords in the search field "How to make a cat cage", if you can't find the tutorial video, chances are it isn't there yet. none of the Indonesians who made and uploaded the video tutorial, try changing the search keywords to English "How to make a cat cage". 

3. Watching Missed TV Programs or News Shows

I think video recordings of TV programs and news shows are very popular on Youtube because some people don't have time to watch them on television, besides that some just want to see replays on Youtube.

4. Make Money

Some friends, of course, don't know that Youtube can actually provide income/money. How to? Have you ever wondered why all the videos we are looking for are on Youtube? It turns out that the majority of uploaders or uploaders of Youtube videos are not without reason uploading their videos, but there are enormous benefits apart from for other people, of course for the uploader himself. By combining or associating Youtube accounts with Adsense, the uploader or video uploader can get rewards from Google through ad clicks displayed on their videos, each ad click that the uploader gets has a certain amount of money, depending on the type of ad that is displayed.

Of course, this has answered the question " Why is every video we are looking for on Youtube? ", it turns out that most video uploaders are competing to present their best videos to get the most viewers (people who watch YouTube videos), the more viewers who watch their videos, the more profit they get from Affiliating Youtube with Adsense. This is just the majority of uploaders, yes, a small proportion of other uploaders, they may not know that uploading videos on YouTube can provide them with income, most of them upload only because they really want to share/share their videos with other people.

Nowadays it's getting easier to get information, just by using a gadget or computer and internet access we can already find all the information we need, let's look back at the 90s, to get information can only be through TV, radio, books, and newspapers. Thus my article about the benefits of Youtube. Hopefully, this article can add to your insight. Thank you for visiting, see you again in my other articles. 

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